The Project

IMG_6825For the last year and a half, I have been thinking about culture, ethnicity, and identity in my Master’s program on Intercultural and International Communication. Living in a settler nation like Canada, I am surrounded by people who are “from” somewhere else, which gives me a lot of opportunity to experience a multitude of cultures through my friends and acquaintances.

But looking at other cultures and ethnicity led me inward. I was born and raised in Canada. I am Canadian. I was raised within a Dutch community here in Edmonton, so I also think of myself as Dutch. Yet I have never lived in the Netherlands; I don’t even speak more than a few words of Dutch. This made me curious about where this connection to Holland comes from and how I create my Dutch heritage through my family and community.

My goal in this project was not just to let these experiences and reflections end with the due date, but to share it with others in my own Dutch community and perhaps beyond. I hope that anyone who is born in one country, but feels a bond to another can use this site to reflect on what shapes our complex identities. I realize that my project is just a small piece of the story, so if you have a story or a recipe to add to the narrative, I would love to hear from you.


5 responses to “The Project

  1. Wonderful job Annette! I am part Dutch too and definitely want to buy your book and try cooking some of this delicious looking food that I have never tried before.

  2. hello
    my name is jane larsen. i have wanted to do this kind of a project with my mother for many years. i wonder if you could let me know where you found funding for such a project. im not interested in a masters degree program just some kind of funding to kick my project. danish canadian.

    • Hi Jane, I didn’t have any funding for the project, and it was mostly an investment of time. The WordPress site is free to set up, and the Blurb book software is also free, you just pay for printing the book. I think it is a great idea to do a similar project with your mom and I recommend just making a date to spend an afternoon making something together and start asking questions. I did record the sessions, so I didn’t have to make notes. And if you do make a blog out of it, I would love to see it!

      • hi thank you so much for your encourage ment as well as the sites i can use. the taping is such a good idea as well. i have been wanting to do this for project and to have found yours done is such inspiration. i have pondered and wondered for many years the connection between my immigration and my identity ….of who i am. who knows i might just wrap this into a liberal studies masters degree….just a thought. or i think the idea of having to come up with a load of money will just stop me…i will just like you say take the first step…an afternoon talking over baking….we’ve done that many times. thanks again

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