Lemon Kniepertjes


Lemon flavours, looks much like the original almond.

When I decided to experiment with flavours of kniepertjes, I first thought of chocolate—of course, who doesn’t? Then I immediately thought of lemon. I had a hard time deciding which to start experimenting with, so I did both. Perhaps not that wise, because it could lead to the flop of two recipes, but I was confident that the changes I wanted to make wouldn’t ruin the integrity of the recipe. And they both turned out pretty well first time out of the gate.

For the lemon version, I added lemon juice and I would have added some lemon zest if I had it in the house. It would just up the lemon flavour a little more. Since these worked, who know where I might go next. My friend (also of Dutch heritage) requested strawberry so we could make Neapolitan ones. I am guessing with the thicker dough, it’s possible to press three flavours in one cookie. I will keep you posted.


Chocolate and lemon kniepertjes together. Strawberry would be a pretty addition.


½ cup    butter

½ cup       white sugar

1              egg

2 ½ tbsp               lemon juice

½ tsp     vanilla

1 tsp      lemon zest

1 ½ cup                flour


Cookie press (krumkake maker).


  1. Cream butter and sugars.
  2. Beat in egg, vanilla, and lemon juice (and zest if using).
  3. Sift together flour then stir into butter mixture.
  4. Leave in in fridge for 1-2 hours.
  5. Roll into small balls and press in iron until lightly golden colour.
  6. Shape immediately into cone, bowl, roll, or lay flat.
  7. Let cool completely before storing.

Cooling cookies.

Makes approximately 18 cookies.


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